Sunday, August 2, 2009

it's the little things

Me & Morgan

I recently returned from a trip to Chicago to visit my sister Emily and her family. My oldest niece, Morgan, is tall and beautiful. She's very artistic (this chalkboard sketch was waiting for me in my room!) and takes great care of her younger sister. She has a funny, dry sense of humor like her parents:

Emily (laughing): Morgan, isn't Aunt Becky funny?
Morgan (unimpressed): Not as funny as I thought.

Me & Morgan playing tic-tac-toe at the water fountain

She has a bubbly, talkative personality that I can definitely relate to:

Me: Morgan, are you looking forward to going to kindergarten?
Morgan: No. I hear you have to be so quiet there. Like, really, really quiet. All the time. Wanna see me be really, really quiet for like... *thinking* eleven seconds? I can be so quiet. Wanna see?
Me: Yes.

Emily & Morgan

My youngest niece, Eve, is a little doll. She's inquisitive and takes time to get to know the world around her. She's talkative, too, like her older sister (and Aunt!) and I can see Em and Dan have a not-so-silent future ahead of them. Eve gets the cutest little dimples when she smiles and her bright blue eyes light up and can literally melt your heart. I can also already see a sense of humor developing in her bubbly little laugh and happy baby talk.

Eve... or Evey Wonder as she's affectionately called

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