Friday, May 4, 2012

cool little finds

I love finding unique things. I love the hunt; I love the anticipation; I love the discovery. Whether it's a hand-embroidered napkin or an entire sofa, I love giving forgotten items a new home and a little TLC.

Since I'm in a transitional stage of life right now (e.g. moving back from the other side of the world), I don't have everything I need to start repurposing, reupholstering, and refinishing furniture. Not to mention all my power tools are still in storage.

In the meantime, I've collected some smaller nifty things which are inspiring me right now. Check it out:

Turquoise + Silver Ring from Burma... 
one of my favorite pieces of jewelry ever!

Hand-carved Indonesian Betel Nut Boxes - 
found both for $6 at a yard sale!

Diagonal silver ring from Thailand - love it!

While I love these fun little finds, I'm eager to get back to what I love most of all - making plain, uninspired spaces into works of art - unique, exhilarating, and beautiful. 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

i'm back!

Wearing hanboks for Lunar New Year!

I just got home after spending the past two years teaching English in South Korea; I had a great time and it was such a rewarding experience on so many levels! I got to learn more about the world I live in and who I am as a woman; it was a time of tremendous growth.

Unfortunately, the one aspect of my life that actually withered (and nearly died) on the other side of the world was my creativity. I don't know why. I thought being exposed to a new way of life would open my eyes to new opportunities to create. Maybe it was the culture shock, or maybe it was that most of my time was devoted to adorable kindergarteners (see above.) Either way, I left my art in America.

Coming home has been wonderful. I miss my students and Korean friends immensely, but it's great to reconnect with my friends and family on this hemisphere, and finally tap into my creative energy again!

As we say in Korea, annyeong haseyo!