Thursday, July 16, 2009

emily - sister & muse

Excerpt from my little quote book

- - -

My oldest sister, Emily, has been an eternal source of encouragement in my creative endeavors. She came up with the idea for me to start my first business at the age of nine (I sold custom gift baskets... actually helped me pay for college!) She encouraged my silly doodles and drawings, always telling me I should make cards and pursue art. Of course, this was around the time where it was no longer cool to be hanging out with your older sister and doodling, so I pretty much ditched the whole thing in favor of mascara and boys. (Sorry, Em!)

Luckily, life is a cyclical thing and my creative side has once again overpowered my need for popularity and parties.

One thing that Emily got me started on that I never let go, even during the boy-crazed early teen years, was my quote book. I've always had a passion for the written word, and Emily saw this in me. She showed me the importance of the simple things in life. She showed me that sensitivity is a beautiful thing when all I wanted was to be unavailable. She nurtured me.

We would spend long days at her little basement apartment in Bethesda, talking about art, poetry, and - yes - boys.

We'd go for walks and take pictures.

We'd cook.

We'd light candles and listen to music.

She shared her heartbreak with me (dumb college guy who lost the best thing he ever had) and I'd share my pre-teen crushes with her (Austin Steele... even his name made me weak in my knees!)

She made me feel beautiful even in my big purple glasses and hacked-off haircut. She saw the beauty inside me, and she told me about it.

She taught me self-love.

We'd watch Aud Hep movies (that's Audrey Hepburn, for you people who prefer not to abbreviate everything.)

We'd talk about our McDermitt woman hips. (It's an anomaly - our mother is thin as a rail and all of her daughters were born with very *womanly* hips. They used to be the bane of my existence, but I've made peace with them now. They're womanly. That's what I keep telling myself.)

These times together bridged the nine year gap between us and fused us together as the Sabrina Sisters. (We called ourselves that after seeing the movie Sabrina and both seeing a lot of her in ourselves.)

I'm going to go see her in two weeks (can't wait!) and hang out with my two adorable nieces, Morgan and Eve. I hope some day I can pass on some of the wisdom and encouragement to these little ladies that their mother bestowed upon me.

I love you, Seester.

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  1. Girl...I'm speechless. I have no idea how we're related... You are far more adventurous and passionate than I ever was. You take an idea and run, run, run with it.


    I'm glad we're sisters.