Sunday, October 11, 2009


Another attempt at a green thumb...

Since my last post was on spices, it seems only fitting to throw in a little shout-out to herbs as well. Like most people in this economy, I've looked for ways to trim that fat, while still enjoying life. Spending $3 and up on herbs in the grocery store that I'd only use once or twice was a luxury that was no longer in the budget.

At first I tried to grow herbs from seeds (shown) and they sprouted up nicely, but alas my brown thumb killed them before they were really able to yield anything substantial. So a few weeks ago I checked out the greenery shed at my local Farmers Market and found - hallelujah chorus - full grown plants for fifty cents each! Yes, you read right. Fifty cents.

For weeks now I've been able to enjoy sweet basil, lemon verbena, mint and rosemary for a grand total of $2. It's the little things...


  1. i love my herb garden... its not only cheaper but it add some greenery to the dessert landscape of my vegas backyard